Our Vision:

Our world is at the changing of the ages.  Our Vision is to become a global hub for evolutionary leadership to support this great transition.  We stand for the inside-out revolution and the activation of evolutionary intelligence worldwide, so that we can co-create a world that aligns with nature and Source Energy. 

We love our Vision! 


Our Mission: 

We are delivering on our Vision by creating global community, connecting evolutionary professionals in all sectors.  We provide leading edge inner technologies through the format of mentoring, training and events - both in person and online.  All our offerings are infused with high vibration energy - one of our signature contributions.  

We love what we do! 


Our Partnerships:

We believe that the time of the lone wolf is over.  We are stronger together.  We belong to a vibrant collaborative of evolutionary service providers, with whom we co-create to meet the emerging needs of our clients.  In this way, truly anything is possible. 

We love our people -  and we believe you will too!


Our Logo:

Our logo is not just a logo - it is a transmission of Light & Information. 

It is coded with the components of the inner journey for those wanting to awaken their soul so that they can step forward to contribute potently to the world. 

  • The vertical line represents the downpouring of your spiritual light to incarnate into the world - and your eternal connection upwards.
  • The horizontal line represents the relational field - the interface between you and the people you meet on your journey. 
  • The darker colours represent both the shadow of the world and the interior personal shadow that we all must transmute.  
  • The circle represents the feminine energetic principle, holding the triangle of structure and form - the masculine energetic principle.  The circle also represents the grounding force of the Earth.
  • The red and gold colours represent the grounding of spiritual Light in the world, the dawn of a new era and the fire of illumination.  
  • The white hot centre represent your Light Within - fully expressed and illuminated in the world.

We invite you to meditate on this image and experience the truth, purity and potency of this codex of divinity.


About Our Founder:


Emily Lane is a pioneer in the empowerment of Evolutionary Leaders.  Hailing from the corporate world initially, a near death experience catapulted her into a 20-year quest to explore, distill and apply some of the most leading edge inner technology tools in our world today. 

She spent six years testing the application of the tools with leaders from around the world, ensuring their philosophical soundness and practical relevance in everyday leadership challenges.

Emily has facilitated the birth and direction of several Evolutionary projects, organisations and initiatives.  She has been published by Mindful Leader and is a faculty member of the prestigious Omega Institute in New York. She is Founding Partner of the groundbreaking Conscious Business World Summit, Co-Founder of the Conscious Women's Leadership Forum and former host of the world’s largest mindfulness-in-business conference, Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco.

"When open-hearted leaders align with their Source and step fully into their power to lead with purpose and joy - anything is possible.  When I witness these pioneers in action, I am deeply inspired and know with every fibre of my being that an incredible future is waiting for humanity.  We just have to choose to step into it"  Emily Lane


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