Tara Jenkins

CEO Conscious Revolution LLC, Certified BCorp, Certified Conscious Business Consultant.

Key Themes: Greater Clarity and Alignment, Being Accountable and Effective, Having greater impact. 

Jeff Armstrong

Head of Global Operations, Centre for Creative Leadership.  Executive Leadership Coach.

Key Themes: Leading with Purpose, Connection to Inner Being, Deeper Meaning, Wisdom, Overcoming limiting beliefs, Working with shadow, Creativity, Intuition, Becoming a heartfelt leader for humanity. 


Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

Founder, Mindful Employer U.S. LLC, Entrepreneur, Change Maker.

Key Themes: Conscious Business, the Inner Game, Developing practices, Building collaboration, Having greater impact, Connecting with Nature, Energy and Spirit.

Candace Dalmagne Rouge

Entrepreneur. Founder, Ceremony LLC. 
Key Themes:  Being grounded in living your true path with authenticity and alignment.  Recognising and developing inner wisdom and intuition.  Humour, Care, Illumination, Insight, Clarity. 

Helen Prosper

Founder, A Touch of Gentleness Charity.

Key Themes:  Recognising my unique gifts, living the fullest expression of who I am, asking the right questions, giving me the skills to connect with me.  Moving ideas into practical reality.

Trinnie Houghton

Executive Leadership Coach.
Founder, Ripple Effect Consulting.
Key Themes:  Seeing through obstacles, pioneering new vision, authentic expression, moving ideas and dream into reality.  The coach's coach. 

Kris McCrea

P.C.C. Executive Leadership Coach. Strategic Business Consultant. 

Key Themes:  Helping me remain grounded and maintain my internal energy during high level work.  Being effective both personally and professionally.  Going beyond what you believe is possible.  Intuitive reflection, authenticity.


Mathilde Barbier

Founder, Dare to be the Change.
Key Themes:  Reconnecting with clarity to purpose, body and energy.  Deep, multi-sensory listening. A balance of both holding space and practical, grounded, structured support. 

Aisling Johnston

Mother.  Yoga Teacher.  School Teacher. 

Key Themes:  Meditation, Clarity, Wisdom, Relationship Healing, Wisdom, Love, Relationship to Self, Spiritual Practices.


Cristina Romelli

International Events Consultant, Arts Sector.
Key Themes:  Achieving peace, ease and happiness. Learning how to respond with non-reaction and harmonious understanding.