“Who am I?” is a different question to “What can I do?” Your skillset is not Who You Are.  To be fully anchored to your Deeper Purpose, you need to integrate both your professional excellence and your essential brilliance.  
With Evolutionary Mentoring, we share the skills that you need to make this transition, including how to:
  1. Develop awareness and listen to your inner voice
  2. Sense the call of deeper meaning and purpose
  3. Understand the part evolutionary intelligence plays and leverage it for optimal impact in the world
  4. Receive intuitive insights 
  5. Move from confusion to clarity 
  6. Come back into alignment and re-centre after you have gone off course
  7. Stay steady and committed to pioneering a vision, even when the world can’t see it yet
  8. Move from being serious and stressed out to being joyful and fun
  9. Become the fullest, most authentic expression of you - both personally and professionally
  10. Integrate both “being" and “doing”, “energy” and “action", "yin" and "yang"
  11. Take inspired thought from idea into practical reality, ether into matter
  12. Navigate evolutionary relationships through challenges into ease, flow and love
  13. Move between the traditional world of our society and the emerging world of our future evolution 
You will find deep joy in your purposeful work when you have the skillset to fully embrace this evolutionary calling. 
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