The Evolutionary Professional

- Inner Technologies to find and live your Deeper Purpose


In a Nutshell

You have already mastered professional excellence.  There's nothing wrong with your life.  In fact by the world's standards, you are successful.  But something is missing. 

Your heart is not satisfied and it's becoming too painful to stay where you are. This feeling began as a whisper but it's persistent and it's getting louder now. 

Who Am I?  Why Am I here?  What is my Deeper Purpose? How can I be Free?

If you ignore these pulsating questions, Life will be forced to bring you an experience to shake you and get your attention. 

It usually shows up as an illness, the loss of a job, a car crash, the death of a loved one - whatever it takes so that you will finally down tools, turn inwards and listen to what really matters. 

Why wait for the shock?  Why not explore from a place of desire, curiosity and joy instead?

You have an indelible North Star - the you-ness of YOU.  If you can find and follow the truth of this (despite the demands of the world) the next chapter of your life will be extraordinary.

The Evolutionary Professional is a 6-week journey to answer the big, existential questions that govern your life.  It is a voyage that will bring clarity, certainty and joy.  It will transform your world from the inside out. 

We are so excited to embark on this Evolutionary Quest.  Ready to come join us?


The Journey

LOCATE your current reality.  ORIENT to your North Star.  ALIGN with universal law.
 challenges.  ALLOW yourself to be supported.  ANCHOR into your new world.

Kind Words  

‚ÄúLearning how to live life as a co-creation with evolutionary intelligence has opened up more support for my work than I have ever had, as well as new work opportunities and networks.¬† Most importantly, I have a greater access to presence, peace and wisdom, that make my inner world a more beautiful place to operate from. I know that as a leader, collaborator, performer, speaker and space holder, I bring a more powerful presence, deeper seership and a strengthened ability to unlock potent personal evolution for others.¬† Emily has held space and taught me in a way that has opened an evolutionary portal within my consciousness.‚ÄĚ

Jenna Robertson

Internationally award-winning Artist, Arts Leader, Coach and Consultant.

‚ÄúEmily's powerful yet gentle expertise helped me identify the intersection of who I am and what I can do. It translates into the wonderful ability to be present with myself and others and serve as a leader from a place of clarity and connection to evolutionary intelligence. Her heart-centered approach is a reliable anchor to my deeper purpose and is well-received by colleagues and clients. Unlike any other self-work I've experienced, Emily‚Äôs unique emphasis on having fun adds to the individualized and world-class mentoring experience she creates for every client‚ÄĚ

Shaun Gill

Engineer, Marine Science & Manufacturing Consultant

“I am the Master of my Fate. 

I am the Captain of my Soul‚Ä̬†¬†

William Ernest Henley
Poet, Writer, Author of Invictus


The Structure of the Quest

All sessions take place on

Wednesdays at 9pm Dubai / 5pm GMT / 12 noon ET / 9am PST 

via Zoom for a duration of 75 minutes. 

Session 1: May 29th

LOCATE your Reality

- Build Your Boat
  • What's really happening in our world?
  • ¬†Key practical actions to prepare for your journey¬†
  • ¬†Create an inner anchor for personal stability as you set sail¬†
  • ¬†Group Practice

Session 2: June 5th

ORIENT to North Star

- Chart Your Course
  • Set your true coordinates for the voyage
  • ¬†Understand the inner technologies¬†that give you your superpowers
  • ¬†Prepare to let go of the shore¬†
  • ¬†Group Practice

Session 3: June 12th

ALIGN to Universal Law

- Set Sail in Good Weather
  • Explore the fundamentals of your¬†inner structures
  • ¬†Discover the secret doorway to clarity in your¬†physical body
  • ¬†Understand the quantum¬† relationship between you and the Universe
  • Group Practice

Session 4: June 19th

NAVIGATE Challenges

- Manage the Storm of Contrast
  • Deal with the choppy waters of uncertainty
  • ¬†Learn how to manage relationships while you change¬†
  • ¬†Discover a new technology for making decisions that align with your soul
  • ¬†Group Practice¬†

Session 5: June 26th

ALLOW Support

- Let the Current Carry you
  • Learn the language of the Evolutionary Field¬†
  • Connect to your Spirit Guides
  • Have a direct experience of your soul
  • Bring your Luminosity to Life
  • ¬†Group Practice¬†

Session 6: July 3rd

ANCHOR into your new world

- Land Home in Calm Waters
  • Come to deep peace with your world
  • ¬†Craft a vision for your soul-aligned life
  • ¬†Set intentions for aligned change
  • ¬†Celebrate and Evolve
  • ¬†Group Practice¬†

What You Get in The Evolutionary Professional Quest


  • 6 week voyage to explore, discover and apply the skills of the Evolutionary¬†Professional and deepen your connection to your Inner Being
  • 6 distinct modules of¬†LIVE group teachings, exploration and conscious practices - 75 minutes each
  • 1 Bonus Masterclass¬†to help you¬†address any challenges¬†
  • A¬†map and process framework to navigate your inner world as well as¬†find and live your Deeper Purpose.
  • Access to some of the most leading edge inner technologies on the planet
  • An evolutionary toolkit to help you activate your¬†purpose in the everyday
  • Opportunity for live Q&A with our Founder, Emily Lane
  • Membership of an extraordinary circle of¬†creative, leading edge¬†people
  • Videos, PDFs, Handouts and Audio Files to support your journey.
  • Recordings of all live sessions

Kind Words  

‚ÄúIn our work together over the past year, Emily has helped me on so many levels of inner development - as a personal coach, as a spiritual advisor, and as an energy healer. Most recently, she has been helping me as an evolutionary intelligence / conscious leadership coach which is at the core of her work. Her genuine care and deep insights, as well as her good sense of humour and love of 'craic' (that's Irish for fun), have helped me transform so many parts of my life as I continue on my own evolutionary journey. Thank you, Emily!‚ÄĚ

Brad Peirce

Regenerative Leadership Consultant.  Founder, Sustainability Mindshift

‚Äú"Emily has been my guide, teacher, and now dear friend over the past seven years.¬† We began with Conscious Leadership and have evolved into Evolutionary Intelligence, which is a remarkable and powerful way of being in work and in the world.¬† The practices, language, and visualizations she uses has helped me move from constant doing and reaction to a state of allowance, receiving, and connectedness with inner wisdom and higher consciousness. Evolving to this higher vibration has impacted my work and personal life in immeasurable positive ways.‚ÄĚ

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

Founder, Mindful Employer

 "Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.

On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.'"

- Arundhati Roy
1997 Winner of the Booker Prize

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The GOLD Voyage

  • 6 x 75 minutes of LIVE sessions
  • A 6-week curated journey to help you answer the big existential questions and unlock¬†your Deeper Purpose
  • Bonus Masterclass after the Quest
  • Access to the Evolutionary Toolkit for leading edge Professionals
  • Membership of a community of creative, leading edge people
  • Videos, PDFs, Handouts and Audio files to support your journey
  • Recordings of all live sessions

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The DIAMOND Voyage

  • 2 x 60 Minute¬†Private Consultations with Our Founder, Emily Lane
  • 6¬†x 75 minutes of¬†LIVE sessions
  • A 6-week curated journey to help you answer the big existential questions and unlock¬†your Deeper Purpose
  • Bonus Masterclass¬†after¬†the Quest
  • Access to the Evolutionary Toolkit for leading edge Professionals
  • Membership of a community of creative, leading edge people
  • Videos, PDFs, Handouts and Audio files to support your journey¬†
  • Recordings of all live sessions

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About Emily Lane

Emily Lane is a pioneer in the empowerment of Evolutionary Leaders.  Hailing from the corporate world initially, a near death experience catapulted her into a 20-year quest to explore, distill and apply some of the most leading edge inner technology tools in our world today. 

Emily's greatest gift is the communication of leading edge ideas in a grounded and practical way.  She was one of the plenary speakers at the World With Purpose Summit in Dubai, UAE in 2023, alongside speakers originating from the World Bank, United Nations and World Economic Forum, among others.  Emily has spoken in front of audiences as diverse as Silicon Valley Execs, Government Ministers, Royalty, Spiritual Teachers, Business Leaders and multi-sector Pioneers.

Emily has facilitated the birth and direction of several Evolutionary projects, organisations and initiatives.  She has been published by Mindful Leader and has taught at the prestigious Omega Institute in New York. She is Founding Partner of the groundbreaking Conscious Business World Summit and former host of the world’s largest mindfulness-in-business conference, Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco.

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